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do i get this one?

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Im looking to get a new cage this week for my babys (yay shopping) its w 105cm its d is 76cm and its h is 195cm the bar spacing is 27mm i havent got a tape measure to hand is this just over the 3/4 mark or is it a lot bigger has anybody got the same bar spacing as this?:confused:
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Yeah, that bar spacing is fine for a tiel. It all sounds ok to me. Do you have a photo of the cage or a link that we could go to to see it?
No, 1" is too big, that's more for African Greys or bigger birds, a tiel could get his head stuck in that space. Do you have a Jollys near you? The cage that Dooby's got cost £99 and it's lovely, so easy to clean and big doors to open. I bought one from Ebay and it only lasted a week, it was awful, I spent £50 on that one. I wish I'd have paid out for this one in the first place. This is Dooby's cage.......

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It looks like the nearest one to you is in Enfield. I don't know whether they deliver...

This is the cage that I've got. It's the Mini San Remo. It is saying out of stock at the moment, but they would deliver, you might find something else that you like on there. I wouldn't use Ebay though, I've been caught out too many times on there. It's ok for small things but I wouldn't buy anything big and expensive.
The first one is the same as mine although I think it's a little bigger, I've got the Mini San Remo, that one said just San Remo, but it's a lovely cage, for £20 more I would go for that one. The other one (the white one) in my opinion it is too tall, I don't know what the general opinion is of these cages, but I prefer the wider rather than taller sort. With the San Remo, the thing that I like about it the most is that the trays at the bottom are split in two, so you can have water in one half and flooring in the other, so he will have a built in swimming pool for the summer. lol.
Well, I only have the one tiel, I'm not sure really what size cage you would need for four, but I would say in the mini san remo, two could live comfortably. Maybe ask at the shop or if somebody else sees this thread, they might be able to help a bit more. I don't know how much bigger the san remo is to the mini san remo. Then again, it might depend as to how long the cage is open for for them to all fly around...Hmmm, hopefully somebody else can help with that problem. lol. Do they all live together now? If so, what size cage do you have now and maybe you could judge by that.
Well, if nobody else comes on to answer the question any better, why not just get one and leave one of their old cages up, that way once you've got the new cage, you will be able to see whether all four will fit in or whether you will need to go and buy another one. There's no point in buying two if one will do. ;)
Oh that is very nice........four should fit in there comfortably. In fact I'D fit in there comfortably. lol
Hey, been there, seen it, done it with kids..............get two!!!:D:D
She's got FOUR tiels Sophia, so I don't know whether even the San Remo would be big enough for that. The corner one looks really good though.
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