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do i get this one?

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Im looking to get a new cage this week for my babys (yay shopping) its w 105cm its d is 76cm and its h is 195cm the bar spacing is 27mm i havent got a tape measure to hand is this just over the 3/4 mark or is it a lot bigger has anybody got the same bar spacing as this?:confused:
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not at the moment ill try and find one :D its a loverly cage nice and big
ssPageName=STRK:MEWA:pIC&ih=013 I am stuck between these two there both nice they are both only a couple of lines over 3/4 bar spacing that it should be for tiels which one do you guys reckon??:confused:
I knew the bar spacing should be 3/4 but i was just wondering if it was that much bigger or if anyone had the same cage as i could not measure it. the closest store we have is pets at home because they dont sell birds they dont have a variety of cages the ones they do have are small and only suitable for little birds any other surgestions? i just wanted a really large home for them as im hoping to get more.

Thanks for the link they got some nice ones on there i found this one at a local pet shop is it the same as yours or is it bigger?
thanks i like that one two so does my partner i think i might get that one i like the idea of the top opening up or the front and still have the door shut. Thanks again for your help how many do you think i need for the 4 of them? sorry lol lot of questions.
i have two at the moment both different sizes there cage doors are never closed there free to go were they want there mainly in the living room they dont particully sleep in one cage or the other they follow each other to one or the other and stay in that one sorry i cant tell you how big they are i havent got a tape measure im 5ft and one is taller than me on the stand.
very true i think i might get that one they deliver for free aswell if you go to the shop atleast then i can see it. lol
thanks spike :) for the link

what does everyone think about this one?

bar spacing 2cm
height 183cm
length from inside corner to front of cage 110cm
width along wall 100cm
lmao:rofl:do you reckon i should get two just in case the kids get out of hand :innocent: joke there not that bad!
lmao my husband agree two getting the two but what he dont no is im planning on getting a third for him lol sshh dont tell him;)
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