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Hi, I breed cockatiels, I had an accident this year when cleaning the cage and swapping nest boxes. I thought my hen was sitting on dud eggs, certainly one lot was but she must have laid more a couple of weeks later. When I finally got her out of the box there was a chick in there. I put the box back but she didn't go back to it, her mate did and so did her 'daughter'. Her daughter ended up laying eggs in this box and took it over even though 3 chicks were already in there and both parents were now going in and feeding them. The oldest chick started to show signs of a distended crop, I moved it to a different box but it was too late. The other two were starting to look the same way I removed them and started hand feeding and propping up their crops for hours to let them drain. The second eldest died, the youngest seemed stronger and I put him in the empty nest box and monitored him taking him out and propping his crop up about 3 times a day. He never truly recovered but got strong enough that he was trying to fledge. I put a crop bra on him and all was well. Took it off after 3wks, but his crop started showing issues again, crop bra back on for a further 3wks, take it off same issue again, this time I had him in one for over a month but i think it's happening again. I have attached photos.
Should i put him back in a bra? Should i leave it longer without? Does he need surgical correction? I don't want to loose him he is so sweet and the first thrush chested I have bred or even seen in person.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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