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i have found 2 cuttlebones on shore,boiled them,rinsed them and scrubbed them, its still smells salty. how to fix that?idk if its safe if its like that
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I wish I could properly advise you on the one's you found but there dirt cheap in a pet store or on-line.
My country doesnt care for any bird whatsoever. I might be the only person who cares because i was living somewhere else before here
I really wouldn't take wild ones because you don't know what parasites and such would be on there. There's a cuttlebone shortage in the UK due to Brexit, otherwise I'd offer to send some over. PLEASE do not feed these to your birds, not without expert advice, as feeding wild-caught things always carries risks
My country is on a sea. They fish cuttlefish and sell their cuttlebones, i just buy it
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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