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Curious about cockatiel mutations!

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I have a pair of cockatiels that have successfully laid and hatched their first clutch of eggs. The first baby was born on May 24th, the last baby was born on May 30th! There are 4 total (they laid 5 eggs and 1 was infertile). I'm new to raising cockatiel babies, but I got into looking at different mutations as I realized 1 of the chicks has red eyes. I'd love to know if anyone knows what the parent mutations might be from looking (I think mom is a white face, dad is a grey/pied split, maybe with a gene for lutino hence the red eyed baby) Rex is a real sweetheart, she loves her head scritches. Pikachu does not want touched, but he loves being talked to. They're both fantastic parents, though she didn't let him sit on the eggs too often. He does a LOT of feeding and care for the chicks. Nest box is getting cleanouts every other day which gives me a better chance of getting a good look at the growth for all babies. We've also got a camera in there to help keep an eye on things, make sure everyone is healthy and developing properly.


this was during the last nest box clean-up 3 days ago. Both parents came over to feed the chicks with us right there, weren't angry or defensive which was a relief- they're very protective when they're in the box, but it needed some serious tlc and drying time.


these are the babies today- 3 of them have the black eyes, the 4th has red. They're growing so fast! Right now they are not fans of being handled, I'm hoping to keep working with them to change that! <3
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