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Crazy Tiel Pics!

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There was a nice thread like this on another post and I thought we should do it on here as well.
:) Post your crazy looking tiel pics! :)

Here are some of mine

It's magic! :p

"Help! I'm falling and I can't get up!" (I came to the rescue with this one;))

"Is this edible?"

"What do you mean, I'm not a budgie?" :rolleyes:

Hanging upsidedown...

"I'm ok. I got this."

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I love that first one! Is Baby a witch? If so, she needs some Polyjuice (Pollyjuice? :p) potion if she really wants to blend in with the budgies. But then you'd be wondering how one of 'em suddenly learned how to clone itself... XD

Wassuuuuppp!!! :p

Twisty head

....enough said, lol

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Haha, that squishy one of Hugs is funny. :p
everyone has some great crazy pic's of there I better get taking some pictures ;)
All so cute! hehe

Here are some of mine...

Dizzy hehe

Maya's pretty wing

preening with a strawberry beak while poofing in a way hehe


after a bath lol

Kirbs :)
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The attachment's not working, can you upload it to and post it that way. There's directions (resizing and posting pics) pinned in this forum. :)
This is bruce we are looking after him for 2 weeks. He is looking at the computer screen in these photo's. A bit blurred! :(

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This is actually my favourite picture of Tara:

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Hehe! This is a great thread, some very funny photos! :D
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