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Radar was lost May.04.08 (Sunday) afternoon. Last seen flying towards the houses in the Waterways. (SW 10th street and the Sawgrass Expressway)

He is a standard Gray cockatiel a little over a year old. He has a dark beak. Very friendly and tame. Doesn't answer to his name but might just perk up if he hears it. Not banded.

Please contact ROB @ 954-234-8357 or by email at: [fargingr8 (AT)] .

Picture: http://www.winkman. com/radar- lost-5-4- 08.jpg

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Lost Gry Male Cockatiel - Deerfield
We lost Radar today. (May/5/08) We are in Deerfield Beach, Florida off
10th Street near the Sawgrass Exprssy. He is a little over a year old,
standard Gray with bright yellow face. No band. Very friendly. Doesn't
talk and might not respond to his name. His buddy Stewie is despondant
without him. If found, please call Rob @ 954-234-8357

[email protected] net <fargingr8(AT)>
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