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xposted _www.petharbor. com_ (http://www.petharbo SEE PHOTO Normal
Gray Male Cockatiel
This animal record may be found _here_
(http://www.petharbo asp?searchtype= LOST&start= 4&stylesheet= include/default. css&frontdoor= 1&friends= 1&sam
aritans=1&nosuccess =0&rows=10& imght=120& imgres=thumb& view=sysadm. v_animal& noma
x=1&fontface= arial&fontsize= 10&miles= 200&lat=41. 840675&lon= -87.679365& shelterl
ist='AWLI',' CHMP','FTWY' ,'INCT',' MCNC','MCHN' ,'MLWK',' PECT','WNBG' &atype=other
&where=type_ OO,breed_ DOMESTIC^ DOMESTIC& ID=A172633& LOCATION= MLWK)
This BIRD - ID#A172633

I am a gray and yellow Cockatiel mix.

I have been at the shelter since May 18, 2008. For more information about
this animal, call:
_Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control_
(http://www.petharbo asp?ID=MLWK& searchtype= LOST&start= 4&stylesheet= include/default. css&frontdoor= 1&frie
nds=1&samaritans= 1&nosuccess= 0&rows=10& imght=120& imgres=thumb& view=sysadm. v_an
imal&nomax=1& fontface= arial&fontsize= 10&miles= 200&lat=41. 840675&lon= -87.679365
&shelterlist= 'AWLI','CHMP' ,'FTWY',' INCT','MCNC' ,'MCHN'
,'MLWK','PECT' ,'WNBG'&atype= other&where= type_OO,breed_ DOMESTIC^ DOMESTIC) at 414-649-8640
Ask for information about animal ID number A172633

3839 W. Burnham St.
Milwaukee, WI 53215

Prev 911PA Msg #40321
REUNITED Shelter FOUND; WI, Milwaukee, Cockatiel, May.18.08

The owner of 'LOST: WI, Milwaukee, Cockatiel, Apr 20.08' believed this to be
her missing bird and reported it Reunited, based on the photo sent by a 911PA
volunteer... but after going to pick up the bird realized it was not hers
(she later received a message through her Craig's List ad from a neighbor who
had found her cockatiel and was reunited on May 26!) Regarding the bird at the
shelter, she reported "He was very nippy and one of his nails was gone on
right foot ". She heard that he will be transferred elsewhere soon, so please
check ASAP if this bird might be yours.
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