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Hi everyone, I am posting here to get some help with my two cockatiels, Tiki and Tuna (male and female).

This started in about March/April, and at first I thought it had to do with me being at home all the time due to lockdown, and that my tiels were just used to me being around them constantly and would get separation anxiety when I wasn't around. Essentially, they have started squawking constantly during they day (they tend to settle down around the evening time, but not always, and have had no problems with going to bed at night). From the moment I wake up, both of them begin their squawks and nothing I have tried will make them stop.

At first, I was able to calm them by simply keeping their cage covered, or by covering it when they got too noisy. Eventually this became futile when they started screaming and squawking whenever they heard anyone in the house speaking or making noise. Since they're my animals they are kept in my bedroom, but my house is small so it's not hard for them to hear things that are going on in other rooms. Somedays it's only one bird making the most noise, but most days it is both, as one usually joins in after a few minutes.

I have tried to speak calmly to them to get them to settle, or reward them when they are behaving, but if anything works it only works for a few minutes before they start up again (by behaving I don't mean complete silence, but more along the lines of the normal noise level you'd expect from your male likes to do his singing while my female is usually her quiet and calm self). They just haven't been acting like themselves, and I don't know what to do to get them back to normal. The constant noise has been driving me insane, and though nobody else in my family has said anything, I can't imagine we are all enjoying having to listen to the birds squawk all day, everyday. I feel as if I have tried everything under the sun, everything I have read on other forums or watched in videos, but absolutely nothing will calm them down. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, for their benefit and my own. Thank you
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