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I've had my male cockatiel (Revenant) for about a year now, we're very close and he's been my little shoulder buddy since the day I brought him home. I am a student and work a part time job, and just don't have the time to keep Revenant engaged anymore, so, I found a breeder in my area and adopted another bird. I've spent about a month now working really hard to get the new baby (Vagabond) adjusted and comfortable, and then I tried to introduce them, it went pretty badly honestly. I've always known Revenant was a little jealous (he hates my boyfriend and screams at people who interact with me) but he always got so excited when he heard other tiels in videos and the likes, so it caught me off guard that he didn't seem to like Vagabond, at all.
I've been doing everything I can think of, but Revenant just hates Vagabond, I don't know what to do and I'm considering Rehoming Vagabond because Revenant just isn't coming around and I don't want them both to be miserable. Ive gotten pretty attatched though and would hate to jump to extremes so quickly, Is there anything else I can do?? Any advice would be so helpful.

Tldr; My Tiel isnt getting along with my new Tiel and Im worried I've exhausted all my options
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