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Confused Tiels

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Today i had the urge to rearrange my bedroom so that everything was opposite. I rolled the tiels down to the living room and got to work. After a few hours hard work my room was like a mirror image to how it was before and you should have seen their faces as i rolled them back in!!! :p They were just amazed that where they used to sleep there was my bed. For a while they just sat side by side staring around the room probably wondering what kind of freaky magic made this happen. I'm glad i made the change early in the day, lots of time for them to adjust before bed time (hopefully meaning no night frights). ;)
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Awww...why did u switch everything around? Needed a change? :) They should be ok- they know they're mommy is there.
I am glad I am not the only one that gets the urge to change things around :D I can just picture there little faces looking around in awe wondering what the heck is going on here :D
I just felt like a change. My room is teeny so i like trying to maximise space. The tiels seem to be used to it now, Bailee certainly doesn't mind as long as Cookie is nearby.
It's good to change things up. I knew they'd get use to it fast.
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