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Colors and Mutations

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I have a pair of cockatiels. The male is in pic #1 and the female in pic #2 and #3. They hatched their first clutch of eggs (pic #4).
I’m wondering what is the name of the male, female and babies colors and mutations.


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They are all very adorable birds! The father is a normal grey split to pearl and lutino. Depending on if he has yellow spots on the back of his head, he would be split to pied as well. The mother is a pearl. And the babies are a lutino on the left and a pearl on the right. Due to genetics, the lutino is a female, but the pearl could be either a male or a female.
You're welcome! Yes, there are symbols to write the mutations and genes of cockatiels. Here is the link: It is on Chapter 1. For example then, your male cockatiel would be N/LP which would mean that he is a normal grey split to lutino and pearl. I hope that helps.
Would I be able to see a picture of her?
She looks like a cinnamon split to pied.
The reason I’m saying she is split to pied is because of the yellow tick marks on the back of her neck. Both cinnamon and pied are mutations, and I’m not quite sure about opaline, sorry.
1 - 7 of 15 Posts