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Just a beautiful baby. I wish I could help. But I'm I can't. Im with a 18 month old female pearl pied, that I believe was mishandled & possibly hurt. She dont want to be touched & use to shake like she was terrified, when anyone came near. She's doing much better with patients & love. Then a 10 month old male Lutino I was told. So sweet. Should a male cockatiel be saying hello by now? My yearling male parakeet does.
I'm back! It's been about nine years since I've been on here and I finally just got a new bird. Looks like she is a Whiteface Lutino, but I would love to hear from the color experts based on these photos. I have no parent information and am told she is 5-6 months old. She does not have a name yet, but once I confirm sex she/he will get one!! Thanks for the feedback! View attachment 95927 View attachment 95927 View attachment 95928 View attachment 95929 View attachment 95930
Thank you For sharing
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