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Hi Everyone,


My Cockatiel is having visible red veins in stomach area and his leg color has been changed red color.Also I Can see the red veins near the head area...If the readiness is too dark means the cockatiel will have coughing issues...Also My cockatiel got calcium deficiency after the bird got infected...Checked with local doctor they said the bird got affected with heavy metal poisoning and his liver also got little bigger..There is weight loss also from 85 grams to 75 grams..Also my bird got affected with fungal infection...So the doctor provided antifungal and Milk thistle,Rajmet syrup,Laxivet syrup...please check the images to check about the medicines and XRAY report provided by doctor.

After these medicines my cockatiel stopped vomiting the liquid food like A19 formula...And his leg color has changed from red to normal color.But his system rejecting the solid food...

It's been 14 days since I started the medicines...I can only see the improvement like zero vomiting if he ate liquid food...But the red veins in stomach area is still there.BUT My Cockatiel is have vomiting issues when he ate sunflower seeds...

Also when I place the bird in my hand I can only feel the chillness in the foot area...Normally I feel a lot of heat in their foot..But after this issue cockatiel foot is chilling..

Please help..

Already one cockatiel bird has been died with the same problem...Like the same red veins,Entire body color has been changed in to red.One day before the cockatiel death, he faced severe open mouth breathing...And the entire body changed in to red color...His foot color changed in to blue color..That bird also affected with heavy metal poisoning...The bird died, because he is unable to breath...


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