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Hi, my 2 year old female cockatiels voice changed around December 20-22 and i took her to vet on 25th she has been diagnosed with noise in her air sacs and given antibiotics for 10 days but that doesn’t seemed like it helped to me because her voice was still raspy. I took her to vet again on January 4th and vet said her treatment is %80 done but she had a noise in her lungs(?) said she’s breathing deep and gave another medicine he called something they would put in nebulizer to help with her lungs but I don’t think this is helping either and on top of that she started drooping one of her wings which makes me worry a lot thinking i have hurt her while giving medicine she struggles a lot even though i wrap her in a towel and we have to give it twice a day orally sadly. I’m taking her to best vet for birds in my city and she still haven’t gotten her voice back, it’s not like she doesn’t have voice it’s just lower and raspy. What are the reasons for cockatiels to have changed voice(as far as what i read aspergillosis is one which I’m praying she doesn’t have it), I’m really worried as I don’t understand what’s going on because her droppings look fine and she eats fine too she’s just a little less energetic and has raspy voice. Please do tell me your experiences with aspergillosis she only has change of voice as far as i know. Thanks!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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