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Hi everyone,

I'm currently reaching as I have a very ill cockatiel as you can see from the title of this post.

She has around 8 years, and on the beginning of June I have verified that she was very sleepy as well as with the wings laying down.
I have immediately gone to a veterinary which is expert in birds, and she was diagnosed with a binding egg.

The vet done a procedure of removing the interior of the egg in an attempt that the egg would reduce the size so that she could expel it, however, that didn't occur.
I went again to the vet, and he had to remove the egg which he was able to do.

After this, she went home again and completely stopped eating. The vet told me to force feed her with chick formula, which I've been doing for the last two weeks.
At the beginning it was a very difficult task for me to force feed her with a syringe and tube, but now I must admit I have mastered that skill (at least a positive thing...)

After 2 days without signs of recovery, the Vet put her on Antibiotics and Antifungals medication (8 days for antibiotic and 5 days for antifungal), but still no sings of recovery.

Just a note, I have started force feeding her 4 times a day, with 3ml of formula since she was regurgitating. Now I'm giving her 5mls 2 to 3 times a day as the regurgitation stopped.

She has lost enormous amount of weight and also seems like she got severe side effects from the vet procedure or the egg being stuck.

The current status is that she seems very week, lethargic, shaking, as well as with movement issues. She still drinks, but eats very little.

I have then reached the vet again, and showed her droppings which are very liquid, and he said it can be kidneys that are failing due to egg...

At this point, he just asked me to continue force feeding her, without any other medication, supplements or directions.

I have her in a warm room, however, at the moment I'm really lacking directions on how to proceed to help her.

Regarding her eating habits, she is mainly on Harrison High Potency Fine, with some veggies. Sometimes I also give her seeds but very rarely.

What do you guys recommend to help my tiel?

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Above there is a pic of her droppings.

Joao Duarte
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