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So I've never owned a cockatiel before and I need urgent help.

The other day I heard a loud sqwaking coming from my garden and as I stepped out I found a cockatiel perching on my fence. This isn't normal of course as I live in France and there are no wild cockatiels. She was seemingly hand-tamed as she steped up onto my finger and wasn't scared of me at all. However at closer inspection I noticed one of her eyes was glowing red, and as I brought her in it started swelling up and bleeding! There weren't any avian vets around me (nearest one was two hours away) so I left her in my budgie's old cage to rest, as I didn't know what to do... I though she was going to die. I wasn't planning on keeping her but wanted to try healing her before I found her a new home.
Morning came and she looked to be okay so I gave her pellets and a bowl of water aswell as millet, all of which I went to buy. She nibbled on the millet which was a good sign, I then decided to clean her eye using an eye solution, and this for three days. It's been a week now and her eye is looking much better, the swelling has gone down and she opens it halfway but doesn't react when I pass my hand near her eye. She chirps and eats and drinks and even flew around my living-room a bit so i'm not too worried about her being in pain.
However I don't have any clue to what could have caused her eye injury and I'm wondering if she's blind. I would like advice on what I could do to help her.

(The first picture is her eye 3 days after I brought her in, while the second and third picture is her eye now. ( I didn't take any pictures on the first day... so I can't show you the glowing red eye)


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