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Pumpkin is an adult female cockatiel, I don't know how old she is but I've had her for 5/4 years.

Recently she's started vomiting (shaking her head and seeds and mucus go everywhere). The vomit was rusty/orange/red colored with seeds in it the first time. Last week was the first time, and we rushed her to the avian vet where she stayed overnight for observation. They tested her feces and took crop samples and she had no evidence of viral or bacterial infection, didn't vomit again while there, ate and drinks fine, weight is 93g which is normal for her. She was fine on her way back to us (she's currently nesty so her current normal is sitting on her unfertilized eggs)..

We took it as a weird freak incident, the vet said she was in great health.

Today she vomited again, clear with seeds in it. At first she stood there, wings drooped and breathing hard. She sneezed and her eyes and nares were watery. Then she shook her head and sure enough, mucus and seeds. After that she started to go back to normal- was thirsty and hungry and ate quite a bit. I weighed her again and she was 97g, which is a little bigger than normal but it's much better than underweight. She's normal again, asking to be pet, waddling around, grooming- just like the first time.

So NOW I'm wondering maybe she's allergic to something. It can't be food or water, because our other birds drink the same water and eat the same food right out of the same bag. The birds all stay in the same room, we have bird-safe plants (we never buy any plants that are confirmed unsafe or are otherwise not listed as safe anywhere. we need a vet website to say its safe before it enters the house), she doesn't eat the plants at all, she used to eat the dirt instead. She waddles around and picks at seeds on the floor, but otherwise she hasn't eaten anything strange to my knowledge that would make her puke.

I've cleaned out her cage, thrown away her old food and water bowls and im using some clean ones that haven't been used in a while. We don't use chemicals, candles, any strong scents in the bird room. No new toys, we bought new ones last month but they've been in both cages by now and we cycle them around.

The other birds (cockatiel and budgie) are normal as ever, no sneezing or health issues.

Food: Higgin's safflower gold
Water: tap
Treats: sunflower seeds, walnuts, lafebers nutriberries, dried sweet potato strips
Other: brewer's yeast for vitamin B

Flight cage
Substrate: Newspaper
Perches: Manxanita branches, cholla cactus branch
Plastic food and water dishes
Log ladder
Cat toy ball

3 Snake plants
2 Spider plants
Bamboo palm
Asparagus fern
Boston Fern
Majesty palm
Burgandy Rubber plant
Dragon tree (dracaena marginata)
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