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Hello everyone,

I have a cockatiel named Peachan and I am new to this community.
I hope to get some ideas about the current situation with my Peachan.
She recently developed a tumor which is diagnosed to be an aggressive type of bone-based neoplasia. She is also about 25 years old. The tumor grows on her right wing and appears to be almost the size of a nickel, in what looks like a couple of months time.

The avian Dr. does not recommend wing amputation due to old age. This is basically cancer for my poor Peachan and the dr. is looking into radiation as an option. The other option is to simply let her live her natural life as is.

I'm wondering if anyone has had experience of amputating their old-aged cockatiels or have birds who have battled cancer.

I really appreciate all feedbacks in advance.
Jessica :pied:
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