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I think I have a weird throuple with my cockatiels. I got three cockatiels. I was told they were all males. So I kept them in the same cage, they got along and I didn't worry about mating and egg laying. Turns out 2 out of the three were actually female. My grey is a male, my lutino and pearl are female. I found out because my lutino laid eggs. She had a clutch of 4. But I observed that after the chicks get big enough to move out of the nest box and explore around. Their momma, the lutino, is no longer interested in raising them. After her first clutch, the male lost interest in her and mated with the pearl. Which I thought was weird because I was told that cockatiels are monogamous. I guess she is infertile because all her eggs didn't hatch. Again the male lost interest and went back with my lutino. My lutino is a good parent when her chicks are very young. She'll feed them, her and my male take turns keeping them warm and she is attentive to them. But when they get big and start to explore around she loses interest. After her second clutch when her chicks got big. I noticed that my pearl would take the role of mom and feed them and attend to them. I've noticed that sometimes all three adult cockatiels would be in the nest box attending to the chicks. What I'm wondering is. Is this normal behavior? Should I separate them? They don't fight with each other at all. It's like they're a modern throuple.
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