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My cockatiel was doing great last night, but in the morning, I noticed that she had been vomiting since there was vomit spread all over the inside of her cage cover and on her face. Then I saw her drinking excessive amounts of water and then she was just vomiting water and when she 'pooped' it was all seemingly water as well. Clear liquid and slightly green.

I took her to an emergency bird clinic and they said she looked well (I informed them that she is just faking it because of her instincts and that actually she is very sleepy and lethargic when she's not scared). They "examined" her and determined that it's unlikely she has any sort of blockage and may have ingested something toxic. (I can't imagine what that would be. Nothing was out of the ordinary). Anyway, they sent her home with me with anti-nausea medication to keep her from vomiting and an antibiotic just in case some bacteria had become unbalanced and was bothering her.

Well, now she's at my home she went back to being openly lethargic and she looks so sick! She's at the bottom of her cage in the corner, not eating. I even gave her seeds (I normally feed her zupreme pellets and carrots and broccoli) but she wouldn't even eat the seeds. So now i have to pray to God she survives the night. She's just sitting in the bottom corner. I lost my normal vet (he died recently) and he was a former zookeeper and had ridiculous knowledge, a true genius in the field, but now I feel helpess with the "standard" care. It's so hard for me to feel like I'm doing the right thing and getting proper care. I just lost 2 birds (1 to what the doctor thinks was an embolism after surgery for eggbinding and a second to PDD) and I feel like i'm about to lose a third.
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