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Cockatiel Smelly Poop

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Hi all,

From reading multiple things, i'm not sure what's going on with him, he's 6 months old now and i'm not sure if it's hormonal behaviour as he started holding in his poos and they smell as well. He's just finished a course of anti-biotics over 10 days to help with a bacteria infection as to which he's been pooing normally until yesterday.

He's been singing to this one toy and sitting and sleeping by it too, he definately seems a bit moodier that usual. Like he won't eat any millet we try to give him and stuff, he's eating and drinking absolutley fine, but then just going back up to his toy to sit
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I have a female cockatiel that is dealing with smelly diarrhea due to egglaying. When I took some poo to the vet he said it’s was fine and it does not contain any parasites etc but that hormones could make it smelly as well. Not sure if that helps but you could take some poo to the vet to see if it’s free of parasites and otherwise it migh just be this toy that is triggering hormones?
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