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My cockatiel laid her first egg on the bed inside a quilt on 13th jan. They were mating a lot so i am pretty sure that the eggs are fertile. I read a lot about it on the internet and found that they prefer to stay in their nesting area until the egg laying and incubation cycle is complete. The male cockatiel however , every night, makes so much noise to return to cage. He starts to fly around in the room anxiously.
So i shift the female and male with their eggs to the cage at night and put the blanket around the cage as i used to do generally before the eggs were laid.
The problem is when i shift them to cage they stop incubating the eggs and when they are in quilt during the day , they incubate them almost the whole time.
Now 3 eggs has been laid and the same trend has been going on.
I am worried if they won't incubate the eggs at night the chicks may die.
What should i do?
Please suggest..
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