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Hello guys,
My cockatiel's leg ring got stuck on the swing holder last night, we had to calm him down and try to remove it and it took about 10 mins to achieve that.
After we removed his leg, he looked in pain and couldn't really walk on his leg.
There are no bruises whatsoever, but he jumps and tries not to push hard on his leg while walking. He's calm this morning, still not fully curling his leg around things, he has his back finger out all the time and I'm noticing he's nibbling on the leg ring from time to time.
He is insisting on walking to the food and climbing up the branches in the cage although i have moved his water and food somewhere near the floor so that he can reach them instead of going up.
Should i take him to the vet or is it going to heal without treatment?

Thanks in advance.
Pray for my little Custard! (weird name my brother gave him)
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