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Hi everyone,

I'm afraid that I'm sadly having to re-home my male, hand fed, white faced cockatiel, Petrie, as I've just moved in with my partner, who has a cat.

He's 5 years old, I've had him from being a chic, and he has been a really great companion over the years. He can wolf whistle, play peekaboo (when he's in the mood) and loves kisses (and kissing bright screens).

I'm afraid that he hates being caged and can get loud if you're in the house and he can't see you (especially if you go upstairs) and so any potential caretaker would need to bear this in mind.

He has lived alongside other birds before (a budgie and a Pacific parrotlet) but being hand fed I don't think he really sees himself as a bird, and so although he wasn't aggressive at all to them, he was a little nervous of them (especially the bossy parrotlet).

He'd be a great companion to anyone who is around a lot during the day and loves nothing more than sitting with you while you watch T.V.

He does prefer men over women (especially if you have a beard) he will sit with women, but please bear in mind that you will be abandoned the second that a man enters the room.

Thanks for reading, I really hope a cockatiel nut has room in their heart and home for Pete, he's such a funny, special bird and he will be missed greatly.

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