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Hello everyone:) my Name is Ivana and I recently welcomed a new child to the family. I am not to sure what type of Cockatiel he is but I have attached a recent picture of him. I got him when he was about 3 weeks old in August and is now going on 3 months old.

I was hand feeding him and reduced his feeding times as he got older. When he started to fly I started to give him seeds, fruit and veggies to eat which he started to eat but I would still hand feed him once a day. He went through a stage where he would only get his seeds and fruit and I would not hand feed him now he has gotten into a habit of only eating a few seeds and will scream for his porridge (hand rearing formula) every morning and night time and won't touch his seeds till he has had his porridge then afterwards he will go and snack on his seeds.

Is there anything I can do to completely wean him? It is getting very frustrating having to feed him his porridge, and I feel that he seems very skinny and has reached a stage where he doesn't seem to be growing anymore.

If anyone could please help or advise me on what to do I would really appreciate it


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