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Cockatiel Cage shape

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Hello people! I have a cockatiel, she's called Kasper, and she has a cage but it's big ENOUGH. She has some nice toys there and I've made up a natural wood perch for her and it's all ok, but I would like to get a new, bigger one for her. The only ones that are really really big and nice are unaffordable for me, and I found this one on the photo at a ZOO store in near my house. I just wanted to ask if the shape is ok for a cockatiel, because it's 50% bigger than the cage she has right now and is at the same price I bought the actual one. Could you please give me a piece of advice?
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For just one bird, I would say that one is fine. Just keep in mind that the bigger the cage, the more room they'll have once you add food & water bowls plus perches and toys.
Yes, I also thought about that, there's way more rome for her there
I think it is a bit small for a 'tiel. It's not large enough for the wings to extend once there are bowls and toys inside.

I don't intend to be mean but I don't think people should have a pet if they don't have the means to provide it a decent life.
Hi! I wouldn't say so, she has space even in her actual cage for spreading wings, what she likes to do in the evenings. We usually let her walk outside the cage, so it's needed mostly for sleep and when we are not at home. The problem is that in my country there are few cages that are good for a cockatiel, and usually they're costing 1/3 of people's wage here. I just try get her the best I can, you don't want to imagine in what conditions some people keep their birds..... I bought Kasper from a family that were force washing her, and I got to build trust with her to go take a shower, and she enjoys it now. They also cut her crest for some reason, it was just almost straight, but for her age, she should have a long beautiful one. And also they painted her tail feathers... I was waiting so much for them to fall off so she was good. You know, I love her a lot, I buy her toys and treats and stuff like that and she responds me the same. By the way, the cage is 45 width, 28 length/depth, 75 height (centimeters)
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