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Cockatiel Cage shape

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Hello people! I have a cockatiel, she's called Kasper, and she has a cage but it's big ENOUGH. She has some nice toys there and I've made up a natural wood perch for her and it's all ok, but I would like to get a new, bigger one for her. The only ones that are really really big and nice are unaffordable for me, and I found this one on the photo at a ZOO store in near my house. I just wanted to ask if the shape is ok for a cockatiel, because it's 50% bigger than the cage she has right now and is at the same price I bought the actual one. Could you please give me a piece of advice?
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For just one bird, I would say that one is fine. Just keep in mind that the bigger the cage, the more room they'll have once you add food & water bowls plus perches and toys.
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