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Hello there! First time poster. I have a cockatiel who's balding under his wings. I am desperate for help. :( I've done a write-up so someone can read his entire history, in hope of getting some help. We only have two avian vets in the area and I'm starting to lose faith in the one he's been going to.

Basics: Mateo is a male (I’m guessing by his behavior) lutino cockatiel. He was born about May of 2004, so as of this writing, he’s about 4.5 years old. He was hand-fed and came to me tame. He was bought from a local pet store in August of 2004.

Home life: Mateo lives in a large cage by himself in our livingroom. He has many toys, things to chew on and a lot of room to move about in his cage. He’s out with us at least one hour a day (often more). He showers with me a couple of times per week.

Mateo lives in the livingroom next to a cage housing my other four birds – one English budgie and three “American” parakeets. Mateo does not like the parakeets as one in particular (Oliver) antagonizes him. He does not have out of the cage time with the keets.

History: Mateo does not have a history of any real problems. For the first two years of his life, he’d have a night fright about every four months, usually causing some serious damage to some blood feathers. After I moved into my house in the summer of 2006, he does not have any night frights. He has gotten spooked when the keets have one, but has not had one on his own for over two years now.

Food/diet: I just recently got Mateo off Kaytee Exact Rainbow Cockatiel pellets, as they had ethoxyquin in them, a potentially harmful preservative. Mateo ate those for nearly four years. He’s currently on Harrison’s High Potency Fine (seems to like these) pellets along with some Roudybush Daily Maintenance pellets, TOP Organic Pellets (which he doesn’t seem to like – too big) and Laber’s Parakeet. He also gets Lafeber’s Nutriberries, Lafeber’s Avicakes, some seed and water from our tap. He does not get any fresh fruits or veggies (doesn’t seem to like them), but will eat eggs, bread and pasta. He has never been on any supplements or vitamins until now.

Current treatments: AviX Soother Plus Cream under the pits for his problem and AviX Sunshine Factor daily orally.

I first noticed Mateo’s wing pits balding about August of 2008. I noticed them when he was flying across the room. I took him to see the vet on August 8th, 2008. He’s been to the vet three times.

1st visit: Weight 98 grams. Tested for giardia – negative. Blood test run, general check up. Vet said he looked to be in good shape.

2nd visit: Weight 94 grams. Did not test for giardia, but put him on ronidazole. Did not help.

3rd visit: Weight 86 grams. Did a fecal test again. Negative for giardia or any other protozoans. Gave me some AviX Soother Plus cream. 2X daily. Oddly enough, vet didn’t seem concerned with weight loss.

He’s getting the AviX Soother Plus cream on his pits twice a day, and honestly, he looks worse. The area is bald, red, but I can’t tell if it’s irritated or not. He HATES having the cream put on.

I am desperate for help. I don’t know what else to try. There’s another avian vet across the river, should I see him? He’s been tested for giardia twice now, and yeast – what else can be tested for?

His behavior, eating and pooping is all the same. Nothing major in our lives have changed. He’s acting the same way he always has. He just preens the area under his wings hard. He doesn’t really seem itchy or anything.

Please help! I’ve read and read and read and read…I don’t know what else to try.
Now your cockatiel is okay.what have you done after your cockatiel has some red patch underwingpit.I am facing the problem the
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