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Cockatiel baby

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Ok so like about two or three months ago my cockatiel had babies. They’re pretty grown up by now and so the mom recently laid more. One of the babies she had the first time started to try and enter the nest as well. I didn’t think much of it and would just take him out. He managed to sneak in the nest and started feeding the babies. We mistook him for the father so he fed them for quite a while. Is that ok or should I be worried
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I’m more than sure lol. He’s very small compared to the father and doesn’t have any yellow marking on his face yet just pure grey with the little red cheeks.
Yes I’ve seen them plenty of times
Well the father didn’t seem to mind at all. The other day the baby managed to sneak in while both parents were there and they were all just sitting on the newborns.
Oh thank you so much I was worried that it would result in something bad. I’ll make sure to keep a closer eye on him for now
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