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Hi there I'm new to this forum and extremely worried as my partner and I trimmed out cockatiels beak and decided to do his nails (first time ever). We only trimmed the very tip to a point it looked like nothing was taken off.

We used a towel to cover him and he was putting up a struggle. He now cannot balance, shivering and stretching his head forward and leaning to one side. His eyes close and it looks like he might fantastic. He let's out a little chirp as well.

He also lifts one foot up and it shakes as well.

I'm worried we have hurt him bad or is he just extremely stressed. We normally can't hold him but he's letting us and can perch on a finger but leans to one side and his back feathers twist to one side. I wonder did we break his foot, or his neck or something.

Has anyone got any ideas. I live in NZ and could take him to an after hours vet or do I wait till morning. He does get up on lowest perch but as soon as he moves, he falls over and just about lays his head on the cage liner.
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