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Cockateil with no feathers

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My female cockateil has no feathers under her wings it is just bare skin she has been that way as long as I have had her what is wrong and is there something I can do to get them to grow
Thank you,
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Hi Tanya welcome to the forum, how old is your cockatiel and how long have you had her?
hmmm I am really not sure what could be wrong do you notice if she is plucking her feathers? what mutation is she? do you have a picture of her?
I am not saying its feather plucking I am just trying to rule that out, I didn't think it was rare at all I have read of a few cases of cockatiels plucking feathers from underneath there wings :confused:
True I would think chest would be more of an easier place to get at, could mites or something like that be ruled out?

Your right about genetics though I know with Minnie she does have some bald spots underneath her wings but not totally bald though just a little in one area.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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