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Cockateil infection

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Assalamu alaikum..
My baby cockateil is about 1.5 months old and his eyes are shiny and bright and his movements looks like normal but he has no appetite for 4-5 days .. i gave him enrofloxacin for about 3 days as i thought he has bacterial infection as my other baby cockateil but he shows no improvement he also started a very bad vommiting after each fed. I think he has giardia so i want to give him human metronidazole.. he has intermittent diarrhea and got very skinny and i think he itches sometimes that’s why i thought about giardia infection so my question is:
1-last dose of enrofloxacin was tonight at about 12 can i start metronidazole tomorrow at 12?

2-if i use human metronidazole what would be the preferred dose and time? And how long i can use it i mean for how many days i should continue?

do you guys have any suggestion or advice for me please?
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