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I have a 19 year old female cockateil. She started having watery droppings a few weeks ago now. Vet said possibly kidney and saw no bacteria in her droppings. She wasn't keen to do a blood test at her age.

She is coming out of a long molt as well.

Any assistance would be helpful. The other odd thing is her appettite has increased. She is ravenous eating greens, veges, seeds, sprouts, pellets etc.
she is eating more than ever. And she has actually put on weight, about 5 grams. She doesn't appear to be sick, but the droppings are a concern as hasn't had a firm one for weeks. The urates seem ok, and the faeces is rod shaped, but not curled as way too much water coming out with it. So I am guessing it is not diarreah, but excess water.

Have put vitamins in her water, and extra calcium, but now unsure whether this is wise or not as I read varying reports.
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