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Clipped VS Flighted--The Dangers of Both

People commonly believe a clipped bird is safer and that having a flighted bird means they will fly into a window.

While it is possible for a bird to fly into a window, its possible for clipped birds to do this either way.

A proper clip allows some flight still therefore if the bird panics, it can still collide with an object.

Dangers to a clipped bird:

Being stepped on. Not being able to fly, a bird may find itself on the floor, where it is in danger of being stepped on by unaware owners.

Inability to escape danger. A clip allows a bird some flight, but no speed or height. If i bird encounters danger, it may not be able to escape as easily as a flighted bird would.

Not as much control of flight. Say a clipped bird "flew" into the kitchen... it cannot turn as fast or quickly to avoid landing on something it shouldn't.

Escape risks. If a clipped bird escapes outside, it may not get as far as a flighted bird, but it is more vulnerable to predators.

Injury. Falls happen much more frequently with a clipped bird. They may fall and if they fall on a hard surface, it can result in a bruised keel bone or even a broken keel bone and broken legs.

Dangers to flighted birds:

Collisions. Flighted birds gain more speed and height and can possibly collide with a wall or window. Most birds learning how to fly or in a new home may collide with things but they eventually learn not to. A panicked bird will still have that dangerous chance of colliding, but a clipped bird can do the same.

Getting places they shouldn't. Flighted birds get farther and go places a clipped bird can't. If you have something unsafe for a bird, a flighted bird may be able to reach it. Careful planning must be taken to avoid this.

Escape. A flighted bird will go much farther faster than a clipped bird if it escapes outside.

Ceiling Fans. These should always be off when you have birds in the room, but a flighted bird is more likely to accidentally come in contact with one of these and a running fan can kill a bird.

No matter which way we look at it, both have their advantages and disadvantages, both have the same amount of dangers, just different dangers. We, as the birds owners, must make the decision that best suits our own situations. Not everyone finds it easy to live with a flighted bird and not everyone can live with a clipped bird. We must make each environment as safe as possible and learn to avoid dangers from both sides of the argument.
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