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My cockatiel in the first picture is a cinnamon split pied (has pied bits just on the back of the neck) 4 months old, so not gone through first molt yet.

Father is the second picture, I think a grey pied.
Mother was also cinnamon split pied, identical to my cockatiel in first pic.

My first question is... Would they make sex linked offspring?

And my second question is about behavior... my tiel is very confident (and naughty!), will land on strangers heads, will flock call when I leave the room, but also make little tweeting/whistling noises when in the cage. Lands on my dogs backs, loves to fly around the house and also sit on your shoulder for a bit (but has to be chewing something like the straps of your shirt!), will try eat with it's foot sometimes. Do these sound like male or female behaviors?

Thanks! :)

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