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I'm cross posting this from a reddit thread where I asked the same question.

Our 18 year old cockatiel has had polyuria for 2+ years. No other health problems that we know of. Her droppings always have excess urine. Sometimes, her droppings will be mostly urine, with maybe a speck of feces.

Aside from the polyuria, she behaves normally. She plays, eats, drinks etc. She's very alert etc.

She used to lay eggs every few months, but in the spring of 2016, we got her several dummy eggs, and she hasn't laid any eggs since then.

She still gets hormonal every now and then- we usually resolve this by keeping her cage covered for longer periods of time during the day.

Her weight has stayed consistent.

Back in May of 2018, we took her to our vet. We got a lab test done, and she had elevated levels of klebsiella in her stool. We put her on Baytril for a month, but that didn't affect the polyuria.

In December of 2018, we took her again and got some blood work done. Her lip levels were high, but the vet thought this was likely because of her hormonal behavior at the time. Her livers and kidneys seemed OK too.

Since January, she's been on a Milk Thistle + Omega 3 supplements.

Here's what her droppings have looked like from May 2017 - present:

I'm making this post because her droppings today have been extremely watery, and I'm not sure why. Again, she's not behaving differently. These extremely watery droppings seem to happen every few months.

Currently, the heat in our apartment is off, and we're in the middle of a cold snap. It's been 62 degrees in our apartment for the past 5 days. Could the cold have anything to do with it?

Has anyone else had something like this with their bird? If so, what action did you take?

Any thoughts on the cause?

She was on LaFeber's at seed for around 15 years (before we had her). We switched her to Lafebers's cockatiel pellets in for 2016-2017. She ate LaFeber'sclassic nutri-berries for most of 2018, but our Vet thought it'd be better to switch back to pure pellets. She was on Zupreem for most of this year, then 5 days ago we switched back to Lafebers's cockatiel pellets since she seems to like them more.

She doesn't eat fruits or vegetables, though not for lack of us trying.
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