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Chester's Day Out

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Well, I went into my brother's room as usual to feed Chester some spray millet from my hand so he'll learn that hand = good, but this time, he was acting a little more energetic than usual. So I opened the cage door, and zoom! He was out immediately! Fortunately, I got to the room door before he did and closed it. Throughout his out time, he did a few laps around the room, obviously enjoying the chance to stretch his wings. And after my brother brought me my camera, I got a few pics!

He sat in the closet preening for a while, until Mom came in with a pair of scissors and he did another lap around the room (with a few collisions) and landed back on the boxes of stuff where we could reach him, and then she held him while I clipped his wings. Now he's back in his cage, calming down from the excitement. Maybe later, he can come back out and watch The Simpsons with us. :)
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He looks like he is having so much fun!!!!!!
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