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Here is an update on how well Spike is learning how to talk.
Spike can say pretty boy, pretty bird, Spike, come here, good boy, peek a boo, what, i love you, right now, he does the wolf whisle and laughs like my Mom. He is doing amazing. I should try and post some photos later. Just thought I would update everyone. I am just a proud Mommy :D :D
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great to hear spike is doing so well :D he is a smart boy ;)
Wow, he is amazing. How long does it take him to learn all of them? :)
It did not take to long. I got him on July 6th. Peek a boo took 3 days to learn. He also says nite nite :D He is just amazing. He only talks in the cage though not out on my shoulder :( I hope one day he will talk outside of his cage.
Awwww so cute. Hugs sort of says pretty boy. Its not talking but its not whistling.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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