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Dear Friends,

I am feeling so guilty and angry right now and can so use your advice/opinions. We've had budgies and cockatiels for many years and for the last 10 we've been fortunate to have vets who honestly knew their bird stuff. A certified, or purely avian, vet is not located close enough to depend upon for routine matters.

We moved recently and the local vet here appears to be competent with the birds. She owns the practice and has had it for many years. However, a recent problem arose with our cockatiel Carly, a pixie of a bird, who is my favorite. There was more water in her droppings than was normal. We had a stool sample done which came out normal" hookworms, roundworms, whipworms, giardia or coccidia were seen on Carly' s fecal test..." No evidence of tapeworms or anything else visible to the naked eye, either.

The bird is thriving, no weight issues, nor any other symptoms of a sick bird. However, the stools are not normal and I decided on a CBC and that's when the problem, along with the guilt and the anger, came in. The regular vet was away for a week so I decided to let the other vet there repeat the basic exam (which we had over a month ago) along with the CBC. I was assured several times by the office personnel (no slouches) that he regularly handled birds and was excellent with them. I felt that since the owner employed him he wouldn't be handling birds if he was unable to. (That would have been a terribly stupid business decision).

Issues that arose: "They" refers to the techs.
1. They required that I leave Carly with them for up to three hours, the reason being that sometimes the birds become uncomfortable and need a time-out. They called me after 90 minutes for a pick-up, saying she was too stressed and they couldn't get enough blood, so would like her back next week.

When I asked the tech whether Carly was withholding her blood, I was met with puzzlement. The woman didn't know what I meant and I had to tell her about the survival mechanism. She assured me that wasn't the problem.

2. They told me she would have some bruising under her wings, where they took the blood. Other vets we visited took it from a toenail. Carly did have the bruising, not bad, quickly resolved, but there.

3. Carly's nares were black, whereas they are usually pink. Her beak looked paler. All came back relatively quickly.

4. She was distressed when I picked her up but was back to normal within several hours.

There is no way I will take her back for a repetition of the treatment she received. The regular vet returns mid-week and I will go in for a consult with her. I am absolutely furious!

Thank you for wading through this. Thoughts?
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