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canadian bird toys

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does anyone in canada or the usa no of a site i can order bird toys or parts to make bird toys
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Yes, indeed.

Located in Calgary, AB, so I'm certain they'll ship within Canada at least. I buy most of my toys there (though at the actual store and not off the site since I'm near it). My birds won't touch anything else. :D
Here is a site that birdieness posted in the diy section its in Canada and has toys and parts
i love birdie boredome busters. Its great. I'm working on another order. My birds loved there toys. They had such fun with the party ball, anything with mini munch balls and stuff they could shread. Slush really like game bird. It had little puzzle parts on it and its now gone.
thank you all for the sites gives me something to go through and stock up on suplies
I love online shopping for birds - with xmas coming up i guess i'll get my chance. ;)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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