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I have seen Bubble, a female Pearl Pied, squatting and trying to get Pika, a male Whiteface Pied, to mate her. I was wondering if he has forgot how to, I would have thought it would come instinctively to him, as he had eggs with her last year which were infertile.
They seem to be a pair, I often see Pika preening her, and she likes him doing it. Pika is always looking for new nesting sites but Bubble doesn't. And sometimes they gang up to scare Squeak, a female Cinnamon, away even though Bubble doesn't when Pika isn't there.

UPDATE: I have just seen the cinnamon and Bubble both asking him too mate them, not at the same time though.
Also I am worried that Pika thinks he is mating the bell on the end of his rope perch. He sits on it and waggles his tail and bobs his head while making croaky noises. I think this is what they do when mating females??
:( I really hope he mates . . .

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