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can anybody give me advice

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hi just got a male white faced tiel. i know that i must be patient with a new tiel, by letting it get used to it's new home. it has been 4 days now. he is a sweety. he is scared of me, but is in love with my african grey. she is already calling him by name. i have been putting in small cut grape pieces in and some beans. it looks like he does not like it. maybe he does not know what it is. how do i get him to eat fruit and veggies. i want my baby to be healthy.
then, do i put toys in. i have hung a toy i made, but no interest. i want to spoil him.
i talk to him all day, but no go.
anyway hope you all can help
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I would keep talking to him and Iam sure he will warm up to you :) I would try some peas and corn they seem like favourties for alot of tiels :)
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