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Can a male breed with clipped wings?

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I have a male and female that are both in the nesting box. The male is spending a lot of time in there.
I haven't actually seen them mate though.
She keeps sticking her butt in his face but he is not taking the bait.
But she is driving all the other males in cage nuts, but she only favours the one male with clipped wings.
BTW I did not clip his wings, he is in a aviary and I want nothing more for his feathers to grow back so he can fly around.
Any advice appreciated.
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The clipped wings have absolutely nothing to do with a birds ability to mate. I have just the opposite situation. I have a male normal grey that's caged with a 4 year old pearl hen. HE want's to mate with her so bad, it's driving him nuts! The problem is: she wants nothing to do with him......or any other male for that matter! We got her as a baby and she's now 4 years old and has just never shown an interest in breeding! As much as we (the owners) would like to pick and choose who mates with who, it doesn't work that way. Just like human's, the birds do the picking.
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