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I am wanting another cage for my 2 male 'tiels. I want another one like the one I already have my female tiels in which is this one -

Now I got this one from the tiel breeder I know and she got it off of ebay, thing is I have been looking on ebay everyday for one to see if any come up and of course one did but.. it's pick up only in Victoria and I'm in NSW so I can't get to there, and they won't do postage. Does anyone know where I could pick one up from? yes I have tried pet shops including a huge pet barn which has everything but this cage I want. It's a mesh cage put together one and I'm wanting another one so I can put the 2 cages together and it'll be a big double one. The one the males are in now is far too small not so much in heigh but the width is very small, they can't exactly flap their wings around and to get around they can't jump from one place to another, that's how small it is.

When I went to the local pet barn, they had tons of cages, but I don't want a cage I want another like I already have so (as I said) I can put the 2 together.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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