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Hello, I have an almost one year old cockatiel that I hand raised (so I’m very attached) & today one of my two parakeets died. He was almost 1 & a half years old & I’m wondering if in any way he could make my tiel sick or anything. The budgie lived in my room with his budgie friend in the same cage. My cockatiel is in the same smallish room in his own cage.

The budgie that died wasn’t acting abnormal or anything, any ideas on how the death occurred? Maybe a born deficiency?

If bird presented np symptoms,.... something added to cage near cage chewed on?..... I know some toys were made out of recycled cardboard products, and the glues they use .....toxic in most... , Like mentioned by another, anything newly used, carpet?... aerosols, if no obvious reasons, .....( you have had it awhile, .... lovebirds and keets from some breeding sources can carry something un detected, until stress sets it off.....? (breeding situations)..... I would contact a lab, You can send in blood/ feather/ fecal matter cage dirtt - on swab sample and they can test for you..... ( if you have no source, a vet would be able.... but AVIAN certified is BEST, they or the lab that does avian disease testing, can pin it down . Watch for change in behavior ESPECIALY stool changes,..... eye clear, nasals not plugged.... general stuff for your other birds. ( was he light? could you feel keel bone clearly)?,..... Birds eat; they ALWAYS poop with in 15 min. AND they eat ALL DAY. so if not eating....big sign.
Then there are just weak chicks, from improper husbandry in the aviary,....... if they are out un attended..... Could be anything they nibbled on. for instance just a new cage has manufacturing oils and crap on them.... they don't wash off zink residues from wire welding?.....
I am the nervous type, if not obvious I ALWAYS test. rather than worry. you may have burried/ disposed of the bird, so watch your others. (you can blood test the one caged w/ it..... but with out symptoms on the the first.....I would watch closely for a while..... does not take much to hurt a small baby, flying into windows clear open walls.... internally. Hope this gives you a start for direction.
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