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It's just Bruce and me renting a master bedroom. There's a hardwood floor, private bath, and mostly the bedroom door is closed and I use a ceiling fan for air circulation. We live together in very close quarters!

Please help with what I can use for mopping the floor and some type of SAFE cleanser for the the sink, toilet, shower and vanity counter! When I clean the sink/counter, it's only by touching the open holes (nothing sprinkle-ly) with a damp paper towel on the top of a Comet Lemon cleanser can, then rinse very well... and then cover the sink with another paper towel until everything's dry. (I'm still very careful with the toilet, but at least I can close the bathroom door and open the window.)

I need to clean but WILL NOT hurt my Brucie. Help!


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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