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I have a question about my two female cockatiels that are bonded. I got them from an older couple on Craigslist who told me they were a breeding pair 2.5 years old (male lutino and female wf lutino). I came to find out later through her behavior and the stripes on her tail that the lutino is actually female. So after quarantine for several weeks I have split them up with my 2 males and the lutino seems to be getting along great with her new mate. My other pair is not doing so well. They don’t fight or anything like that and the male sings and dances for her. But the wf lutino is constantly running back and forth at the bottom of the cage and screaming for the lutino. I’ve tried moving them away so they don’t see each other but she just screams for her all day. I feel awful for her so I put them side by side and she sits near her at all times even through the cage. The lutino seems to be bonding to her new mate just fine though. I am wondering if she will ever move on and possibly bond with the male over time? It’s been about a month and a half since I’ve split them up. I don’t have any nesting boxes up or anything. I just put them together in hopes that they will bond before the breeding season in a few months. I have not DNA tested the wf lutino, but the couple I got them from said she has laid an egg before. Also, she doesn’t sing or act in any way like my males do. TIA for any help!
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