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hi guys! So I bought this beautiful cockatiel a few days ago and I was told that he/she was boy but I’m really not sure because Google has messed with my head haha. He/she has super bright cheeks but also has markings on his/her tail. can anyone help with this mystery haha. I’m unsure whether or not he/she is still molting their feathers and I’m not even sure how old he/she is. He/she is still getting used to their environment so hasn’t really made a sound yet but they’re always wanting to be near the side of the cage where we are or will be when we go back to the cage to relax (the cage is in our bedroom). They have made a few beep sounds when we come into the room but other than that we’re still waiting. Also i watched a video the other night that had some random bird sounds in it and they responded to it pretty loud but again only in beeps. I’m so confused!!!
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[try talking to it quite a lot if after the cockatiel starts making sounds like tweeting try saying a one syllable word for quite a while. If it is a male it will start driving you crazy and won’t shut up! I have a female and she was barely 1 month old ,so I decided to pay a little extra to find out she is female. You can get the females to talk but it is not as easy,they would rather chirp
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