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He/she is adorable! He/she looks like a heavy pied so you would have to DNA him/her to know for sure. Would it be possible to see a picture of his/her back? Unfortunately, pieds are the hardest to visually sex. With the pied mutation, females can have bright yellow faces and males can have dull faces. Both also have barred tail markings as well. I have a DNA'd male pied cockatiel who is 17 months old and he's lost his spots on his wings, but he still has his barred tail markings. I also have a DNA'd female pied cockatiel who has a bright yellow head. In the first picture, it shows that the male still has barred tail markings. In the second picture, the male is the one on the top, and the female is the one in the cage.
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1 - 2 of 9 Posts